Recovery Groups

Recovery groups bring together individuals with similar concerns. There are many kinds of recovery groups, but 12-Step programs are the most common. There are 12 step groups for many if not most addictions (alcohol, food, etc.) and many other common problems (codependency, financial problems). 12 step groups are one of the greatest resources available.


12-Step Programs:

They work if you work them! Groups are free, and there is no commitment and no pressure to join or even to speak if you attend a meeting. The groups are anonymous and confidential. Now, due to COVID-19, most are virtual, so you can join via phone or Internet.

12-Step programs have been around for almost 90 years. These groups are nonreligious but are based on the Oxford Group which was a Christian movement. It is important to note that it seems like most 12-Step group members believe in a ‘higher power’ not very different from the Christian belief in God. So in most 12-Step groups, faith is quite common and accepted and, in fact, a significant proportion of members seem to be Catholic or formerly Catholic. These groups are made up of individuals with similar struggles who come together to share information, support each other, and overcome their addictions.

They really do work when people work them.


Catholic 12 Step Groups: Catholic in Recovery (CIR):

Catholic in Recovery (CIR) 12-step groups are offered in both virtual and in-person settings. There are meetings that occur several different times of day, 7 days a week, that deal with a variety of addictions and unhealthy attachments which include, but are not limited to, alcohol, sex, gambling, disordered eating, codependency, and general recovery. Scott Weeman founded CIR and its meetings follow the format of 12-Step groups in many ways, except that they are explicitly Catholic. These groups include readings that are based on the next Sunday’s Mass readings.

You can use this link find Catholic in Recovery meeting for you:


Celebrate Recovery (CR):

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a Christian, 12-Step recovery program for those struggling with addiction and other mental health challenges. CR uses a group-based approach to recovery for most types of mental health concerns. CR is offered in thousands of churches nationally (including Grace Chapel, Lexington, MA and in some Catholic parishes). The format of these meetings is usually a two-hour meeting which starts with praise music followed by a simple supper, a teaching on a Christian mental health topic in the full group, and then a breakout into small groups based on issue and gender (women who are sexual violence survivors, male substance abusers, etc.). CR makes it possible to get help, give help, and make friends in recovery.