Welcome to Catholic Mental Health Resources

We created this website because we wanted to gather together and freely share Catholic resources that combine mental health and faith in ways that have helped us and other people we respect.

The words Catholic and mental and health don’t usually go together…but they can. There are mental health counselors and mental health support groups that are provided for or by Catholics. There are practices and beliefs that can improve mental health in Catholics (and other people) and Catholic practices and beliefs that can help non-Catholics. The purpose of this website is to bring all of these things together so that people who are looking for them can find them.

Before Pope Francis became Pope, he saw a counselor. And so did Oscar Romero when he was Archbishop.  When thirty-three miners were trapped underground in Chile in 2010, the miners held daily prayer meetings as a way to stay strong and as their rescue was planned, counselors above ground used a number of psychological techniques to help the miners to stay calm and to get out alive. These examples illustrate some ways that combining Catholic faith and mental health help people stay strong and calm …and there are many, many more examples. The purpose of this website is to find and share the best of these.

Although it seems to be more and more difficult to find Catholic or other Christian therapists, they are out there and this website offers a number of ways to find them. Until you do or even after you have, there are other types of resources like groups or self-help techniques, not to mention the healing and uplift that can come from the Church itself or the arts. Please keep reading to see if we can help you find some “Good News you can use.” And just so you know, this website and everything we post on it is free. There are no products or endorsements.