News Organizations

There are many Catholic-based organizations and websites that include news and commentary about the world as well as the faith. Some excellent websites include:

  • National Catholic Reporter (NCR): NCR’s mission includes connecting Church, faith, and the common good within independent news, analysis, and spiritual reflection. Its core values include social justice, human dignity, inclusiveness, and excellence (Click here to learn more:
  • Crux | Taking the Catholic Pulse: This website provides insight and updates on the Vatican and Catholic Church. They write, “In an increasingly polarized world, where spin can be more important than facts, Crux aims to be an objective voice, offering the best news and analysis from journalists with decades of experience on the Vatican and religious beat.” Crux was founded as part of a project of the Boston Globe in 2014 but has been fully independent since 2016. (Click here to learn more:
  • Commonweal: This website is an independent and lay-led organization that explores politics, culture, justice, and meaning in the lives of lay Catholics. (Click here to learn more:
  • America: This magazine is published by the Jesuits of the United States and explores the relationship between Catholicism and American politics and culture. (Click here to learn more: